Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding in Seychelles

Why Should I Choose

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and we understand that you want to ensure you’re picking the right provider. Your special day is just as important to us as it is to you; we are committed to ensuring your beach wedding in the Seychelles is perfect from start to finish.
We will organise every aspect of your wedding day for you, from the registrar who will marry you to the flowers on your wedding breakfast table. We will work with you to discuss colour schemes, mood boards and expectations, to ensure that your wedding day is everything you always dreamt it would be.
Our unique and independent service allows you the freedom to organise the bespoke wedding of your dreams: our mission is to turn those dreams into a reality.

Will You Arrange Our Registrar?

Yes. In order to comply with Seychelles legislation and ensure that your wedding is legally binding, an officially registered registrar must conduct your ceremony. We will arrange this on your behalf, and ensure that your Registrar is waiting for you when you arrive at your wedding destination.

Can You Arrange My Hairstylist and Make Up Artist?

Yes! We have excellent relationships with wedding professionals all over the Seychelles. From hairstylists to make up artists, florists to chefs, no matter what you need to ensure you feel fantastic on your special day, just let us know and we can arrange it for you. 
In order to ensure you have access to have all the services you need, we do ask that you advise us that you would like a hairstylist and/or makeup artist to be booked on your behalf at least four weeks in advance of your wedding date.

Can You Arrange a Photographer or Videographer?

Of course! We understand that your wedding day is the day you will want to remember forever, so we can arrange a custom photography package for you, to ensure those special moments are captured, and that you take home keepsakes from your big day that you can treasure forever.
Depending on your budget, and the memories you wish to capture, we can arrange photography packages lasting from just one hour to the whole day. Some brides and grooms even choose to have a photographer capture memories from every day of their honeymoon too.
Whatever you need, we’re here and happy to arrange it for you.

About The Seychelles

What Are the Legal Requirements for Getting Married in the Seychelles?

The minimum age to marry in the Seychelles is 18, and visitors from overseas must stay in the country for 3 days before their wedding ceremony takes place, and for seven days in total.
You will need to travel with a minimum of 6 months of passport validity and your original birth certificate.
You will also need to provide the original versions of the following documents, if they are applicable:
• Decree Absolute, if you are divorced
• Adoption certificate, if you are adopted
• Deed poll certificate, if you have legally changed your name
• Your former spouse's death certificate, if you are a widow or widower

Will Our Seychelles Wedding Be Legal?

Yes! One of the benefits of choosing to have your beach wedding in the Seychelles is that your wedding will be an international recognised and legally binding ceremony.
You won’t have to worry about whether you are really married or not, because you will be issued with an official and legally binding wedding certificate.

Will I need a Visa?

No. One of the reasons why the Seychelles are so popular with visitors from all over the world is because all foreign nationals entering the country are afforded visa free access. This makes travel too the country especially easy.
All you will need to enter the Seychelles is a valid passport, a return or onward ticket (to prove you don’t intend to stay in the country) and proof of where you will be staying.

Will I need any Vaccinations?

Although vaccinations aren’t obligatory, it is recommended that visitors to the Seychelles ensure that they have had the following vaccinations, and that they are up to date:
• Hepatitis A 
• Polio
• Tetanus
• Typhoid

What Will the Weather Be Like?

No one can guarantee that it won’t rain on your wedding day, but when you choose to get married in the Seychelles, a rainy day will be very unlikely!
One of the things that makes the Seychelles such a special and desirable destination is the year-round good weather. The average temperature in the country is 27 degrees Celsius, and temperature range rarely drops below 24 degrees or above 31 degrees.
That means that, no matter what time of year you are planning your wedding, you can be sure that it won’t be too warm or too hot to spend time on the island’s beautiful beaches.
When it does rain, showers tend to be brief and rarely last more than a couple of hours, meaning that your wedding can simply be postponed by an hour or two and you will still be able to enjoy a perfect day.

What Currency Should We Use?

The Euro is the most widely accepted currency in the Seychelles, and is the currency most tourists are advised to carry. You will find that many larger hotels and restaurants will accept card payments, but that you will need to carry cash in smaller, local shops and restaurants.
Many stores will list prices in both euros and US dollars, and dollars are also regularly accepted on the island, but most commercial ventures and islanders favour Euros.

About Your Wedding

Will We Need Witnesses?

In order to be legally binding, two witnesses must attend each wedding ceremony. You are welcome to choose your own witnesses and to travel with them. These could be close friends, family members, or your parents. Both witnesses need to be over the age of 18.
However, we are aware that many brides and groom would prefer an intimate wedding experience and prefer to travel alone. If this is the case, we can arrange for two local residents to attend your ceremony and serve as your witnesses.

How Many Guests Can We Invite to Our Wedding Ceremony?

That depends where you want to get married! Some of our intimate venues are suited to small weddings involving just the bride and groom, whilst larger beach venues are ideal for big wedding parties.
If you have a number of guests in mind then simply get in touch and we can advise which venue options will work best for you.

How Long Will the Ceremony Last?

Each wedding ceremony typically lasts between 20-30 minutes. However, if you feel you would like a longer ceremony, or have unique vows that you would like to exchange, we are happy to arrange this for you. Your happiness and satisfaction is our primary concern!

Will We Understand the Wedding Ceremony?

All wedding ceremonies in the Seychelles are conducted in English.