The Simplified Luxury Resort Package

$4125 USD

The best thing about our Simplified packages is that there are options available to suit couples of all budgets. All you have to do is decide which option is right for you: 

  • Five nights in a luxury 5-Star resort with a sea view room. Breakfast is included.
  • Two-way private airport transfers for your convenience
  • A luxurious beachfront wedding ceremony
  • Bridal hairstyling and makeup artist
  • The services of a professional wedding photographer
  • A live wedding musician to add to the exotic feel of your wedding
  • All local legal civil wedding preparation (we will take care of all the formalities)
  • All governmental service fees and administration expenses
  • An official copy of your “Marriage Certificate” + “Apostille” by the Supreme Court.


The price for this package is just $4125 USD


All of the prices listed are for an intimate bride and groom event. If you would like to invite additional guests to your wedding, please contact us for more accurate pricing.


We have auxiliary services available for this package at additional prices to meet your satisfaction & happiness. Please see below to choose as many as you like.

  1. We can do legalization for validity in any country and the price differs for each country of use.
  2. Marriage Document Package:

·     Additional official wedding certificate by Government of Seychelles = $140 USD


2 Apostille by the Supreme Court

2 Attestations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Seychelles

·     Attestation from UAE Embassy in Seychelles only = $65 USD (additional)

·     Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE = $70 USD (additional)

  1. Raw Files of the Photoshoot = $60 USD
  2. Cinematographic Wedding Video Clip = $700 USD
  3. Live Wedding Musician for the exotic vibe = $230 USD
  4. Helicopter Scenic flight after the wedding = $500 USD



  1. If we receive your documents less than 15 days before the wedding date, an extra charge of $50 USD is applicable for a late submission.
  2. An arrangement of a Muslim wedding (Nikah) as per Islamic Laws and Values can be performed by an Imam with all supporting paperwork & attested marriage certificate.
  3. If you are looking for an all-inclusive package, we do also offer tours including the wedding, hotel, flights, transfers, and shopping offers associated with different aspects of a wedding.


Please get in touch for further information about this intimate wedding package, and to decide if this is the right package for you.