Grand Police Bay

Looking for a secluded beach destination for your wedding? Police Bay is a wild beach on the south side of Mahe Island that is often empty, providing the perfect secluded destination for your dream ceremony.

Police Bay is so remote that the road which reaches the beach no longer appears on official maps of the island. The route will take you through dense forest and jungles until you emerge on a paradise-like white beach and beautiful, vibrant blue coast line.
Thanks to its remote location, you’re almost guaranteed to be the only visitors to the beach when you say your vows, ensuring that the focus will be on your romance, and all eyes will be on you.

Police Bay is not a manicured beach – it has seaweed and native vegetation on the shore, and is a wonderful contrast to the other, more pristine, beaches on the island. The wild nature of this beach means that as you become man and wife you will head waves crashing against rocks.

Beautiful and wild, this is a wonderful place to embrace the power of the ocean. If you enjoy surfing or scuba diving, the beach is also the ideal location to embrace these outdoorsy passions.
Grand Police Bay is the perfect wedding venue choice for the couple that is looking for a destination wedding, but that dares to be different.